CHL Healthcare Partners is an investment firm focused on starting and growing successful healthcare businesses. Over the past 20 years, the principals of the firm have invested in many successful healthcare companies, including American Renal Associates (now NYSE: ARA), Ascend Health Corporation (sold to Universal Health Services - NYSE: UHS), Camitro Corporation (sold to Arqule – NASDAQ: ARQL), Genomic Health (NASDAQ: GHDX), Medicus (sold to NORCAL Mutual Insurance Co.), Odyssey Healthcare, Inc. (NASDAQ: ODSY, later sold to Gentiva – NASDAQ: GTIV), and Sempercare, Inc. (sold to Select Medical – NYSE: SEM). Current active healthcare services portfolio companies include CareWell Urgent Care Centers of New England, Inc., Ambra Health, and Spine Wave, Inc. In all of these companies, the CHL Healthcare Partners’ principals were founding or among the first institutional investors.

Healthcare expenditures exceed $3.6 trillion in the U.S., and are projected to grow at an average rate of 5.7% over the next ten years. The market consists of many compelling sectors in which to start and grow successful new businesses. We are actively seeking such early-stage investment opportunities.